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Crisis Pregnancy Center

What is a Crisis Pregnancy Center?

A crisis pregnancy center (“CPC”), sometimes called a pregnancy resource center (PRC), is a type of nonprofit organization established to counsel pregnant women against having an abortion.

CPCs that “qualify” as medical clinics may also provide pregnancy testing, sonograms, and other services. Many may state that they do, but do not.


A search for an abortion clinic on the major search engines may give you results that are FAKE abortion clinics.

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When searching for an abortion clinic online, many results are FAKE clinics acting like they are abortion clinics. They even pay for Google Adwords to accept their ads for the search term “Abortion Clinic”. This is patently deceitful, but Google allows it anyway, even though it violates their advertising policies.

It’s hard to tell from the website whether or not a clinic is REAL or FAKE. The FAKE clinics make slick websites that are meant to confuse and deceive someone into thinking they will get accurate information about abortion. When, in fact, the website provides NO abortions, NO factual information about abortion, and actually will lie to women about abortion.

Grom Gizmodo: (

“According to NARAL’s research, using the search engine to find “abortion clinics” led users to a crisis pregnancy center about 79 percent of the time, creating mass confusion considering the CPC’s often deliberate use of names similar to existing abortion clinics.”

To ensure that you are at a REAL abortion clinic, go to the following:

How can you tell if a website is from a real abortion clinic?
A FAKE clinic website will use words such as “Abortion Counseling”, “Totally Free Services”, “Unplanned Pregnancy”, “Pregnant? Scared?”, etc.  The website of a REAL abortion clinic will give you information on abortion procedures and prices and will answer your questions directly when you call. They will not lie to you or try to scare you away from having an abortion. If you are unsure, go to for a list of REAL abortion clinics.

What is a FAKE abortion clinic (or Crisis Pregnancy Center)?
Crisis Pregnancy Centers are centers usually run by an anti-abortion organization or a religious group whose mission is to keep you from having an abortion. They may lie on their website or on the phone to get you inside the doors. You will think you are going in for an abortion, but once inside they will give you false information and delay. You need to ask directly when making the appointment:  “Do you provide abortion services?” The only services a FAKE clinic will  offer ask “counseling”, pregnancy tests and some times sonograms. The pregnancy tests are often the kind you find in the drug store and not a doctor’s or lab’s pregnancy test. They very seldom have licensed medical personnel or nurses or doctors on staff. Be careful giving them your personal information (such as drivers license or medical history) as they have been known to harass patients after they leave. There are about 4,000 FAKE clinics all across the US, but less than 1,000 REAL abortion clinics.

If you mistakenly go to a FAKE abortion clinic, what should you do
Leave immediately and report them to the authorities. Find the REAL clinic near them at and they will help you report the FAKE clinic. If the FAKE clinic has physically restrained you in any way or refused to allow you to leave, you need to file charges against them with the police. If they harass you afterwards with stalking on phone calls, also report them to the police.

How can you help prevent this online misinformation from deceiving women?
You can report misleading information on Google results or on FAKE clinic websites to Google. Go down to the bottom of a Google search page with the erroneous results and click on Feedback and follow the instructions. You can also give them negative but honest reviews on Google.

And to boot, FAKE abortion clinics are often funded by your State or Federal taxpayer dollars to lie to you.
That’s right. FAKE clinics often get State or Federal funds to pay for their lying and deceptive ways.

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