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California Abortion Clinics

FPA Women's Health abortion clinics in California

Prochoice Medical Center abortion clinic in Beverly Hills , California. Abortion clinic offering 1st and second trimester abortion, fetal abnormality, free pregnancy tests.

UCLA Center for Reproductive Services abortion clinic in California offering medical abortion, surgical abortion, pre-natal care, contraception, tubal sterilization.

Family Planning Medical Group abortion clinic in Oakland, CA offering abortion pill, RU486, surgical abortion, anesthesia.

Boulder Abortion Clinic abortion clinic in Boulder, Colorado offering elective abortion through 26 weeks, medically indicated termination up to 36 weeks, pregnancy testing, birth control, counseling.

California abortion clinics offer medical abortion, RU486, the abortion pill, surgical abortion, and fetal / genetic indication specialists for late abortion care.

Find California abortion clinics in Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, Downey, Fresno, Glendale, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Mission Hills, Modesto, Montclair, Oakland, Palo Alto,  Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Ana, Temecula, Torrance, West Covina and other California cities near you.

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Bakersfield - FPA Women’s Health Bakersfield CA 661-633-5266/ 877-883-7264
Beverly Hills - Josepha Seletz, MD / Pro-Choice Medical Center 310-247-8745
Canoga Park - FPA Women’s Health Canoga Park CA 818-444-9870/ 877-883-7264
Downey - FPA Women’s Health Downey CA 562-595-5653/ 877-883-7264
Fresno - FPA Women’s Health Fresno CA 559-233-8657/ 877-883-7264
Glendale - FPA Women’s Health Glendale CA 818-502-1341/ 877-883-7264
Long Beach - FPA Women’s Health Long Beach CA 562-595-5653/ 877-883-7264
Los Angeles - FPA Women’s Health Los Angeles Downtown CA 213-738-7283/ 877-883-7264
Los Angeles - UCLA Center for Reproductive Services 310-825-5961
Mission Hills - FPA Women’s Health Mission Hills CA 818-893-6949/ 877-883-7264
Modesto - FPA Women’s Health Modesto CA 209-578-0443/ 877-883-7264
Oakland - FPA Women’s Health Oakland CA 510-899-7099/ 877-883-7264
Oxnard - FPA Women’s Health Oxnard CA 805-822-5879/ 877-883-7264
Pomona - FPA Women’s Health Pomona CA 909-626-2463/ 877-883-7264
Riverside - FPA Women’s Health Riverside CA 951-637-2100/ 877-883-7264
Sacramento - FPA Women’s Health Sacramento CA 916-483-2885/ 877-883-7264
San Bernadino - FPA Women’s Health San Bernadino CA 909-885-0282/ 877-883-7264
San Diego - FPA Women’s Health San Diego Downtown CA 619-481-3376/ 877-883-7264
San Diego - FPA Women’s Health San Diego North CA 858-547-7100/ 877-883-7264
Santa Ana - FPA Women’s Health Santa Ana CA 657-859-5463/ 877-883-7264
Santa Monica - FPA Women’s Health Santa Monica CA 310-820-8084/ 877-883-7264
Temecula - FPA Women’s Health Temecula CA 951-695-5471/ 877-883-7264
Torrance - FPA Women’s Health Torrance CA 310-373-1042/ 877-883-7264
West Covina - FPA Women’s Health West Covina CA 626-572-8800/ 877-883-7264


Boulder, Colorado - Boulder Abortion Clinic 303-447-1361/ 800-535-1287