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Early Surgical Abortion

An early surgical abortion can be performed between 6-14 weeks LMP (last menstrual period) in select situations.

Some abortion clinics or abortion centers offer Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA), or aspiration with suction and possibly curettage up to 12 weeks. The abortion requires careful post-op monitoring to ensure that the abortion is complete.

Click here for more information about early surgical abortion.

To find an abortion provider offering "early surgical abortion" services nearest you -- click on one of the following reputable abortion clinic providers:

Alabama "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Montgomery - Reproductive Health Services - 334-834-4988

Arizona "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Phoenix - Family Planning Associates Medical Group AZ - 602-553-0440

Arkansas "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Little Rock - Little Rock Family Planning Services - 501-225-3836

Georgia "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Atlanta - Summit Medical Associates Atlanta - 404-607-0042

Iowa "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Iowa City - Emma Goldman - 319-337-2111

Louisiana "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Shreveport - Hope Medical Group for Women - 318-221-5500

Maryland "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Gaithersburg - Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic Gaithersburg - 301-921-0077
Owings Mills - Femi-Care Surgery Center - 443-394-0523

Michigan "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Detroit - Summit Women’s Center Detroit - 313-272-8450

Nevada "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Las Vegas - A to Z Women’s Center - 702-892-0660
Las Vegas - Birth Control Care Center - 702-733-7889

New Hampshire "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Concord - Equality Health Center - 603-225-2739

New Jersey "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Plainfield - Options for Women Plainfield - 732-634-6700

Wisconsin "Early" Surgical Abortion Clinics

Milwaukee - Affiliated Medical Services - 414-278-0424